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Basic Steps to Enable Multi-Org

Written By Jagadeesan M on 12 August 2012 |

Define the Organization Structure.
Plan and define the entities in your organizational structure.A successful implementation of Multiple Organization Support in Oracle Applications primarily depends on correctly defining your organization structure in the hierarchy used by Oracle Applications. A careful analysis and design of a company’s organization structure is critical for future success.
The following points describe how the Multi-Org model relates organizations:
• A Business Group is the highest level of the structure and has no accounting impact.The Business Group determines which employees will be available to Sets of Books and Operating Units related to that Business Group.
• Set of Books is the highest level which impacts the accounting side of business.
• Set of Books is associated with a single Business Group, multiple Sets of Books may be associated with a single Business Group.
• Each Set of Books may have a different chart of accounts structure, calendar, or functional currency.
• Each Legal Entity is associated with a single Set of Books, multiple Legal Entities may be associated with a single Set of Books.
• Each Operating Unit is associated with a single Legal Entity, multiple Operating Units may be associated with a single Legal Entity.
• An Inventory Organization may be associated with any Operating Unit within the same Set of Books.
Convert to Multi-Org:
After defining at least one operating unit, use ADADMIN to convert to Multi-Org. This step only needs to be perform one time. After ADADMIN is run, the Seed Data Replication program copies the applicable setup data delivered with Oracle Applications for each defined operating unit. If you add additional operating units, you can run the See Data Replication program manually at any time. Note that seed data is only data that comes with the database and does not include any operating unit specific setups you may perform.Run ADADMIN to Convert to Multiple Org
• When you select the adadmin option, Convert to Multiple Organization architecture, the Multi-Org switch is automatically turned on; a flag called multi_org_flag, is set to Y. The seed data replication program is then executed and processes according to the value of the multi_org_flag.
Run Seed Data Replication Seed data is replicated under the following circumstances:
• Submit the Replicate Seed Data concurrent request using the System Administrator responsibility.
The seed data replication program works in two modes:
• Single organization: This mode applies when the seed data replication program is executed within the context of a particular operating unit (or Org_ID).
• All organizations: This mode applies when the seed data replication program is executed without an operating unit context.
The following steps are required to add new operating units to your Organizational Structure:
• Revise the Organization Structure
• Define Sets of Books (optional)
• Define Organizations and Relationships
• Define Responsibilities
• Set Profile Options for each Responsibility
• Define Inventory Organization Security (optional)
• Implement the Application products
• Secure Balancing Segment Values (optional)
• Run the Setup Validation Report (recommended)
• Implement Document Sequencing (optional)
• Define Intercompany Relations (optional)


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