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How to change priority for a concurrent request

Written By Jagadeesan M on 06 July 2014 |

Normally, multiple developers work on a single Oracle development instance. Sometimes someone could be working on development of programs which can spawn a lot of long running concurrent requests from a single request. There could be situations where multiple users have executed long running requests simultaneously. The maximum number of requests that can be handled by the concurrent manager is set by the DBAs based on the amount of load the server can handle.
If there is a long queue of requests and you execute a request then the request needs to wait until the concurrent manager is free to process this request. Until then the request will be automatically kept in Pending stage.
If you need to execute the request urgently, what do you do? You will need to change the priority of the request for the concurrent manager to pick this request before the other requests.
Check this out. I had executed the standard concurrent program, Workflow Background Process. This request takes a minute to complete but it is in Pending stage as someone has executed multiple requests, EY DSR Invoice Validation and the concurrent manager will need time to pick up my request.
I fired the concurrent request from SRS form and I saw the request as below

Clicking on View Details button for the request of Workflow Background Process, on the SRS form, I found that its Priority is set to 50 by the Concurrent Manager.
Note that the field, Priority, is non editable

On the menu I clicked on Tools > Manager and I found that the Concurrent Manager is executing 5 requests. There are 16 requests pending and my request is in the 14th position.
I clicked on Manager Queue button to view the requests
I changed responsibility to System Administrator. I clicked on Concurrent > Request on Navigator menu.
Then I clicked on View Details button for the request
Now I see that Priority can be updated. I changed the priority to 1
I clicked OK.
Now the program has got the highest priority and starts running as soon as the Concurrent Manager finished running the current running request.


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